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International Trade, Policy & Regulatory Advocacy

Accessing foreign markets and navigating through policies and regulations that affect investments and business climate can be a real challenge in today’s global political and economic environment.

Palermo Strategic Consulting LLC, headquartered in Washington DC, USA, is a boutique consulting firm that offers tailor-made strategic solutions, policy analysis and legislative and regulatory advocacy in different aspects of international trade and investments.

Special focus on Brazil and Latin America

Palermo Strategic Consulting offers companies, business associations and think tanks strong intellectual support in developing strategies focused on expanding into Brazilian and Latin American markets. Drawing on our extensive experience in leading Brazilian international trade negotiations, we also advise private sector and governments from all over the world on successful strategies in negotiating with Europe, China, India and other markets.

News & Articles

World race to self-sufficiency in strategic manufacturing

Global economic development in the next decade will be defined by the U.S. and Europe’s attempts to find non-Chinese supply alternatives, build domestic production facilities in strategic sectors, and make supply chains more sustainable and responsible. Read more about this in my latest Report Scenarios “World race to self-sufficiency in strategic manufacturing” for the GIS – Geopolitical Intelligence Services.


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